Alpine, Bergen County

Close to the Rockefeller Lookout, the Alpine Lookout is a pull-off overlook with a 430-foot elevation where you can take in splendid views along the Hudson River. This lookout is open 24 hours. The on-site sign above reads:

1776: British Invasion of New Jersey

At Lower Closter Dock—on the riverfront just south of here—a British invasion force oof 5,000 troops commanded by Lord Cornwallis landed before dawn on November 20, 1776. Guided by three Bergen County residents, they climbed in the rough road to the top of the Palisades and marched south to capture the American stronghold at Fort Lee, hoping to bring an early end to the American Revolution. However, being warned by a lookout, the outnumbered soldiers at Fort Lee were able to retreat across the Hackensack River at New Bridge and keep the struggling rebellion alive.

Admission – Free
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